In many regions of Nepal, many people still don't have sufficient food all year round

Increasing yields: polytunnels and small livestock

Most people in our project regions are subsitence farmers, and many families are unable to produce enough food to last them all year. The results are malnutrition and undernorishment, stunting, or even deaths due to simple illnesses like diarrhoea. By introducing polytunnels for vegetable production, local farmers can improve their harvests and families have access to a more diverse diet; better poultry rearing techniques and improved breeds allow them to eat more nutritious food. Many families are even able to generate some additional income by selling vegetables on the local markets.

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  • Food security for Mugu, Western Nepal

    Project duration: December 2017 to November 2019 Project area: Jima and Dhainakot, Mugu District, Karnali Region In keeping with the goal of capacity development, PHASE plans to provide 150 female and male farmers in 2 communities in Mugu, one of the poorest districts of Nepal, with a basis not only to achieve food security for […]

  • Agricultural Support to Improve Nutrition in Bhee, Mugu District

    Project duration: 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2023 Project community: Bhee, Mugu District In the community of Bhee in the remote North-West of Nepal (223 households, 1,513 inhabitants), an agricultural project will sustainably improve the nutritional situation. The project will support the introduction of off-seasonal vegetable farming in polytunnel greenhouses (100 households), mushroom farming […]

  • An integrated approach to improving women and child health in 4 deprived communities in the Karnali region

    Project duration: 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023 Target communities: Melchham and Jair, Humla District; Bichhya and Ruga, Bajura District – Karnali Region The overarching project goal is to reduce maternal and child mortality, in particular by improving healthcare and nutrition of mothers and children in four communities in the Karnali region in western […]

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