#Rosie runs

Rosie Swale-Pope, PHASE Worldwide patron, is an impressive lady: in 1983, she did a solo crossing of the Atlantic in a tiny yacht, the next year, she rode the length of Chile on horseback. In 2003, she started a five year solo run around the world after her husband’s death from prostate cancer to raise money for cancer research. No-one has ever equalled this achievement. And she went on to face challenges, for instance a run across the USA.

Now, at 72 years, she is running from England to Nepal in support of PHASE’s work, carrying her gear in her cart “Ice Chick” in which she sleeps, too. On 26 May she arrived in Vienna, and PHASE Austria welcomed her in style after a tour de force of more than 100 km in two days (and nights) on Heldenplatz.

PHASE Austria welcomes Rosie

You can track Rosie’s progress here:

Over the following days, Rosie recuperated and did some much-needed “housekeeping” on Ice Chick, her trailer, and her gear. In this context, our heartfelt thanks goes out to Nina and Christian Burscha and their team at Folieren Austria, who did a great job at rewrapping Ice Chick – and donated their work!

It was a pleasure and a joy to host Rosie. We will continue to report on her progress. Currently her plan is to continue along the Danube to Bratislava and Budapest, then onwards via Romania and Bulgaria to the Black Sea …

Press contact in Austria: Brita Pohl, PHASE Austria info@phaseaustria.org

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