Disaster relief and Reconstruction

Following the devastating earthquakes in 2015, PHASE Austria immediately supported disaster relief. The shock of this huge event strenghened our commitment to support the people of Nepal even further.

On 25 April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked the central regions of Nepal

More than 9,000 peope died, over 800,000 houses as well as roads, paths, water supplies, hospitals and health posts, schools etc. were completely destroyed. Several communities where PHASE had been working for years were severely affected.

PHASE Austria immediately supported disaster relief. The earthquake increased our commitment to support the people of Nepal. Since then, we have successfully funded several reconstruction projects. However, the aftereffects of the earthquakes are far from over. Please support our work for disadvantaged communities in Nepal – even small contributions can go a long way!

Project: Disaster Relief and Reconstruction
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  • Outreach Clinic reconstruction in Hagam

    Sindhupalchok is one of the worst affected districts of the series of earthquakes in April and Mai 2015 – approximately 90 % of all buildings were damaged or completely destroyed, and there also were many deaths. Reconstruction is slow due to lack of funds and bureaucracy, but also because of the difficult climatic and geographic […]

  • Reconstruction of Hile School

    Project duration: August 2015 to Mai 2016 Hile, VDC Rawadolu, Okhaldunga Hile school, the construction of which had been funded by PHASE Austria, was heavily damaged in the second major earthquake of 2015, the “aftershock” of 12 May. PHASE Austria funded its reconstruction as well as the rehabilitation of its drinking water supply that had […]

  • Disaster Relief

    Earthquake on 25 April 2015 PHASE Austria immediately supported PHASE Nepal’s emergency measures. We also managed to raise a total of 83,000 Euros in funds restricted to disaster relief and reconstruction in 2015, which we made available to PHASE Nepal. At the time the earthquake hit, PHASE Nepal was active in three of the worst-hit […]

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