Karnali, Gorkha und Sindhupalchok

PHASE works in disadvantaged and/or remote rural communities in Nepal, implementing an integrated development approach that aims for the empowerment of its beneficiaries

Our project regions

So far, PHASE Austria has supported projects in six districts and 16 communities; initially in Sindhupalchok and Okhaldunga, later in North Gorkha, and recently, most of our projects were located in the Karnali region in Western Nepal, a region that is extremely poor and underdeveloped even compared to other regions of Nepal. In winter 2018, we will start an urban health project in Kathmandu.

Project regions - Phase Austria
The map gives an overview of the project districts to date

Here we provide general information on each project region

District Karnali Nepal - Phase Austria


The Karnali region (in Province 6 and 7) is one of the most remote and disadvantaged regions of Nepal. Both HDI (2011: 0.39) and MPI (2014: 0.23) are …

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District Gorkha Nepal - Phase Austria


The communities in the North of Gorkha Districts are some of the most remote villages of Nepal, with a lack of infrastructure, disadvantaged populations and …

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District Sindhupalchowk Nepal - Phase Austria


Sindhupalchok lies roughly half a day’s journey to the North-East of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. The district was amongst the worst-hit regions of Nepal in the April …

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