Since 2007

In more than 15 years since its foundation, PHASE Austria has been able to support numerous projects.

Here you can find all completed projects since 2007. On the one hand, this demonstrates our organisation’s evolution from initially small and straightforward projects to substantial projects with the support of institutional donors; on the other hand, you can delve into the details of our work.

All completed projects

Agricultural Support to Improve Nutrition, Bhee, Mugu

Agricultural Support

In the remote community of Bhee, an agricultural project enabled a real improvement in the nutrition situation and general health of …

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Integriertes Programm zur Verbesserung der medizinischen Versorgung von Müttern und Kindern in Mugu, Westnepal

Maternal and Child Health

In the context of an integrated programme to improve maternal and child nutrition and health in western Nepal, the project focused on …

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Water and Sanitation for Bama

Water and Sanitation

The project improved the sanitation and water supply for around 1,000 individuals in the villages of Bama, Nafa, and Thumbada …

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Projekt in Bichhiya

Empowerment Project in Bichhiya

The main project goal was the improvement of education opportunities and life chances of women and girls in the region, in particular the number of girls who …

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Girls Empowerment in Nepal

Girls’ Empowerment

Around 240 girls between the ages of 12 and 16 living in remote villages of western Nepal were able to address issues like children’s rights, menstruation, child marriage …

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Urbane Gesundheit für die Bedürftigsten

Urban Health

In cooperation with PHASE Nepal and Independent Living Centre, PHASE Austria supported an urban health project for disadvandated people with a focus on persons living with disabilities …

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Verbesserung der Lernumgebung in Humla

Improved Learning Environment

In continuation of the Access to Education project PHASE Austria reacted to the total lack of furniture and learning material and also provided material support to the schools …

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Bildungszugang für benachteiligte nepalesische Kinder

Access to Education

Supported by the City of Vienna – International PHASE implemented a focus programme for particularly disadvantaged children to improve their access to education …

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Ernährungssicherheit für Mugu

Food Security for Mugu

In this capacity-building oriented project, PHASE supported 150 farmers in 2 communities in Mugu, one of the most disadvantaged districts of Nepal, with training and material … …

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Sport – Integrationsförderung und Empowerment

Promoting Integration

The already hard living conditions in remote villages of Nepal were exacerbated by the earthquakes in April and May 2015. The Village Development Commitee Rawadolu …

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Fortbildung von Lehrer_innen

Teacher Training

PHASE Austria supported a two.year teacher training programme in Bajura which was implemented by PHASE Nepal in order to improve education and …

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Wiederaufbau der Schule in Hile

Reconstruction of Hile School

The school, which was heavily damaged in the second devastating earthquake of 2015, the “afterquake” of May 12,  had been funded by PHASE Austria, so …

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Wiederaufbau der Outreach Clinic in Hagam


Sindhupalchok was one of the hardest hit districts in the series of earthquakes of April and May 2015 – approximately 90% of buildings were destroyed, the region had the highest number …

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Katastrophenhilfe Nepal

Disaster Relief

From day 1, PHASE Austria was involved in supporting immediate disaster relief by PHASE Nepal. Luckily, our appeals for donations were also answered, and in 2015 we received 83,000 Euros …

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Vermeidung und Behandlung infektiöser Durchfallerkrankungen

Diarrhoeal Diseases

In 5 VDCs (Village Development Committees) in Bajura District, PHASE implemented a two-year programme focusing on prevention and treatment of diarrhoeal diseases …

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PHASE Austria finanzierte zwei ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwives – Hebammen mit zusätzlicher Gesundheitspflegeausbildung) sowie Medikamente und Verbrauchsmaterial für den Gesundheitsposten, die den Zugang der Bevölkerung zu primärer Gesundheitsversorgung sicherten.

Health Post in Chumchet

PHASE Austria funded two ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwives) as well as medication and expendables for a health post in northern Gorkha  …

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Gesundheit und Bildung als Kinderrechte

Health and Education

With the support of the City of Vienna, PHASE Austria implemented a programme focusing on child rights, in particular the rights to health care and education, in 6 VDCs in Gorkha …

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Aufbauschule in Chumchet

Flexible Curriculum School

Continuing its engagement in northern Gorkha after the Women’s Literacy programme, the flexible curriculum school in Yarchu, Chumchet VDC that had been started in this context …

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Sekundarschule in Hagam

Hagam Secondary School

In its very first project, PHASE Austria co-funded the construction of a secondary school in Hagam, enabling whole generations of children to earn their School Leaving Certiicate, the precondition for any continued education …

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Gorkha 7 - Val P

Women’s Literacy

Women’s Literacy not only supports women’s empowerment, but also has clear effects on the education chances of the women benefiting from such programmes …

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Himalayan Sherpa School, Hile

Himalayan Sherpa School, Hile

This project evolved from the commitment of Senta Vogl who got to know this remote village through her long-standing trekking guide Tendi Sherpa …

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