The PHASE approach to rural development

PHASE emphasizes a non-discriminatory, inclusive approach in its projects, involving project beneficiaries and their communities in planning and implementation and aiming to empower individuals and communities.

We believe that lack of healthcare, poor education and poverty are part of the same problem and that real and sustainable change can only happen by addressing all three issues. Therefore, PHASE aims to offer solutions in all three fields in project communities. This is often only possible by combining projects funded by different donors, which is why PHASE Austria is proud to be part of a community of international donors.

In addition, we are careful to avoid contributing to a parallel system which would always depend on outside support, but link our projects to existing structures and institutions (government health posts, schools, etc.). All PHASE projects are designed in such a way that the organisation can conclude the project after some time and hand it over to government or community control, without the situation reverting back to the previous state.

Theory of Change - Phase Austria
The figure illustrates our “Theory of Change”: