Girls Empowerment in Western Nepal

The connection between women’s human rights,
gender equality, socioeconomic development and
peace is increasingly apparent.

– Mahnaz Afkhami

Duration: December 2016 to November 2017
VDC Wai, Bajura

The empowerment workshops focus on issues like safety, protection from violence, health and hygiene and education. Sexualized violence and early (forced) marriage are still serious problems in Nepal, in particular in disadvantaged and remote rural areas. Cultural taboos like menstrual exclusion are another barrier to women and girls, which negatively impacts their life chances and access to education. Knowledge, information and confidence in one’s own abilities are important aspects of these workshops.


Stationary gifts for participants

In addition to the workshops, awareness within the communities is addressed, in particular through an awareness training with approx. 100 members of school management committees (SMC) and parent teacher associations (PTA) at the participating schools.

The empowerment workshop particpants form 10 girls groups which receive a small seed fund to address problems within their communities.

Workshop Girls Empowerment

Workshop activity

This project was supported by the City of Vienna.

Girls Empowerment in Western Nepal

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