Reconstruction of Hile School

Project duration: August 2015 to Mai 2016

Hile, VDC Rawadolu, Okhaldunga

Hile, Juni 2015

Hile school, the construction of which had been funded by PHASE Austria, was heavily damaged in the second major earthquake of 2015, the “aftershock” of 12 May. PHASE Austria funded its reconstruction as well as the rehabilitation of its drinking water supply that had also dried up due to the earthquake from the disaster relief fund.

In addition, the project “Integration and Empowerment through Sports” was implemented in the Rawadolu, Hile’s VDC, in order to better integrate the Sherpa children of Hile and to promote social cohesion amongst the ethnically diverse groups of this community.

Schule in Hile, Februar 2016

Reconstruction of Hile School

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