Outreach Clinic reconstruction in Hagam

Sindhupalchok is one of the worst affected districts of the series of earthquakes in April and Mai 2015 – approximately 90 % of all buildings were damaged or completely destroyed, and there also were many deaths.

Hagam ORC April 2018

March 2018

Reconstruction is slow due to lack of funds and bureaucracy, but also because of the difficult climatic and geographic situation (monsoon, landslides etc.). Many still live in shelters, although recently most people seem to have been able to rebuild their homes. Public infrastructure – schools, health posts, hospitals, paths – still are not completely rebuilt, especially in remote areas.

The Outreach Clinic in Hagam VDC, where PHASE Nepal has been implementing health and education projects since 2006, was also destroyed, and is since operating from a provisional shelter, which, besides being much too cramped, also lies in the path of a landslide that destroyed parts of the village in summer 2015.

Hagam ORC Juni 2018

June 2018

PHASE Austria is funding a building for the Outreach Clinic (2 consultation rooms, 1 birthing room, storage space, toilets, water taps, covered waiting area). The clinic will be run within the PHASE Nepal health programme.

In June 2018, the structural work was complete (foundation, wall, RCC roof, inside wall plaster and septic tank). Electrical and sanitary work were ongoing, and we are hoping our staff can move to the new building in August.

We would like to thank the NAK-Humanitas Foundation for its generous support for this project!

Stiftung NAK-Humanitas

The end report (in German) is available here.

Outreach Clinic reconstruction in Hagam

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